Education and training
1994 - 1999 Conservatoire National de Région de Musique, Danse et Art dramatique de La Réunion (Music theory and violin, Diploma in Violin, with honors)
1996 Académie Nationale d’été «Musique au Grand Jardin», Joinville en Champagne, France (Music theory and violin)
1985 - 1994 École municipale de musique, de danse et d’art dramatique, Saint-Denis, Réunion (Music theory and violin)
  Works as composer / producer for live performances
2019 SUPREMA - contemporary dance performance by Tímea Sebestyén
2018-2019 ART-RAVALÓ - an art and social project by Szubjektív Értékek Alapítvány
2016 Home Base (Dance) by Noémi Kulcsár
2014 What happens when you touch it (Dance) by EnKnapGroup
2012 Talking heArts (Multi-disciplinary) by Jérôme Li-Thiao-Té
2011 Eutropia (Multi-disciplinary) by ROOTS & ROUTES
2011 Touch me not (Dance) by Zoltan Grécso
Since 2011 J3ZZ (Multi-disciplinary) by Jérôme Li-Thiao-Té
Since 2011 Hybris (Multi-disciplinary) by Jérôme Li-Thiao-Té
2010 Reality in Disguise (Multi-disciplinary) by ROOTS & ROUTES
  Works as composer / producer for moving pictures
Work in progress Flying Istanbul (Animation short) by Olga Pavlenko
2017 Grantræet (Short film) by Amalie Halsey
2017 Petra (Deature film) by Dr. Philip Lewis
2017 Building up creativity (Dance short) by Judit Pétervári
2016 Home Base 01 / 02 / 03 (Trailers) by Noémi Kulcsár
2014 Travel buddy (Short film) by Declan Hannigan
2014 What happens when you touch it (Trailer) by EnKnapGroup
2013 Children tell Istanbul (Documentary) by Olga Pavlenko
2012 Far point (Short film) by Lorenzo Ciacciavicca
2012 Keeping (Short film) by Declan Hannigan
2012 To be told (Documentary) by Lorenzo Ciacciavicca
2011 Ouverture (Short film Winner of REALTIME Cinematographic Contest at shnit International Shortfilmfestival in Cologne) by Lorenzo Ciacciavicca
2011 Fission (Short film) by Ana Maria Staicu and Paris Tume
2011 Urban Media Festival 2011 - opening and closing (Trailers)
2010 Ricordi di cosa profuma la terra (Animation short) by Olga Pavlenko
  Works as sound designer
2016 Flying Istanbul (Trailer) by Olga Pavlenko
2013 1000 and 1 realities (Jingle) by Olga Pavlenko
  Works as session violinist
2017 (single) Rainy Day by Indigo Theory
2016 (album) All the Promises by Michael Kentish
2015 (single) So Proud of You by Jordi Abel
2015 (album) New Beginnings by Michael Kentish
2014 (single) Promised myself (Acoustic) by MC KiKo
2011 (album) Polish Graffiti by Morzsa Records
  Works as performer (violinist)
2019 May Commercials currently titled “Harmony” and “a Fragile Life” part of Abbott “Business Influencer Campaign” commercial project
2018-2019 ART-RAVALÓ - an art and social project by Szubjektív Értékek Alapítvány
2013-2017 Buddhabar Budapest
2012-2013 Azalai
2012 Talking heArts
2011 Eutropia
2011 Summer Suite
Since 2011 J3ZZ
Since 2011 Hybris
2010-2011 Morzsa Records
2010 Reality in Disguise
2010-2012 Iparkutya
2009-2013 Willany Léo
2008-2010 The Last Drops
2016 Unbalanced Forces (Budapest)
2014 Park in Progress (Nicosia - Cyprus)
2016 Sziget (Budapest)
2014 Sziget (Budapest)
2013 Wazemmes l’accordéon (Lille, France)
2013 Zénith (Lille,France) (opening for Salif Keita during Wazemmes l’accordéon)
2013 Festival au Désert (Florence, Italy)
2012 Sziget (Budapest)
2012 Fabbrica Europa (Florence, Italy)
2011 Fabbrica Europa (Florence, Italy)
2011 Festival au Désert (Florence, Italy)
2011 Hanna Hanna (Komárom, Hungary)
2011 Sofa (Berlin, Germany)
2010 Volt (Sopron, Hungary)
2018 Music Maker #2 (Château Éphémère, Carrières-sous-Poissy – France)
2014 Park in Progress (Nicosia - Cyprus)
2012 Talking heArts (Barcelona, Budapest, Bucharest, Florence)
2011-2012 To be told (Florence)
2011 Eutropia (Cologne, Florence)
2010 Reality in Disguise (Heek - Germany)
  Coaching experiences
2013-2014 Steps Ahead - Professionalisation of Junior Coaches in Performing Arts and Media” EU project (Florence, Italy)
July 2013 U-CARE – Urban Culture Against Racism in Europe” EU project (Florence, Itally)
September 2012 EUtropia EU project (Lille, France)
August 2011 Follow-Up EU project (Budapest, Hungary)
May 2011 Follow-Up EU project (Barcelona, Spain)