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What happens when you touch it

What happens when you touch it

Dance performance


’All of a sudden the sun began to shine so strongly that the sunshine broke through the clouds and it ripped the ground and it went through my face, leaving a hole through my head. I felt no pain and actually I could touch the sunbeam. I took it out from my head and it became a laser sword…’

‘What happens when you touch it’ is a performance, which plays between the physical and the mental, moving from the rational, linear, logical world into the world of the imagination. It is a game of impossibilities and warped reality filled with personal and collective consciousness and sub consciousness, where the stage is transformed into a fragmented door to another world. We communicate our thoughts, ideas and wishes, our non-sense, our illogical stories, the absurdity that keeps us sane, the unrealised wishes, the hidden aggression, the luminescent beauty, the gory details and bizarre connections, the obsessions, the worst-case scenarios and the superhuman abilities. Welcome to the playground of our minds. How does it look through your eyes?

EN-KNAP, Ljubljana-based dance company, called me to collaborate as a music composer and sound designer, on a new contemporary dance show: “What happens when you touch it”. The dancers are the wonderful: Bencei Mezei, Ida Hellsten and Luke Thomas Dunne. I was very happy to work with Iztok Kovač‘s dancers for several months and finally we had the première on February 13th 2014 in Spanski borci Theatre.

  • Concept, Choreography and Danced by: Ida Hellsten, Luke Thomas Dunne, Bence Mezei
  • Light Design: Leon Curk
  • Sound Design: Luka Curk
  • Original Score: Jérôme Li-Thiao-Té
  • Set Design: Zala Kobe, Živa Petrič (Akademija za vizualne umetnosti – AVA)
  • Executive Producer: Tanja Skok
  • In collaboration with: AVA – Akademija za vizualne umetnosti

2014 - 2014

When & Where

  • at Španski borci
    Performance - 16 October 2014 - Ljubljana
  • at Španski borci
    Performance - 19 March 2014 - Ljubljana
  • at Španski borci
    Performance - 14 February 2014 - Ljubljana
  • at Španski borci
    Performance - 14 February 2014 - Ljubljana

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