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Experimental Singapore

07 min 52 sec / Published on 25.05.2017

What a chance for me to attend this set of experimental music performances! (Ujikaji Records) Makoto Oshiro & Yuen Chee Wai / Yong Yandsen & Kok Siew Wai / Vivian Wang & Cheryl Ong. I enjoyed every bit of it and cannot help sharing with you.

Singapore Fly & Perform

07 min 15 sec / Published on 18.05.2017

Another day, another flight. I catch mine from Surabaya to Singapore. Finishing my day with a performance with spoken word artist Catherine Brogan -

Train journey on Java island

03 min 58 sec / Published on 11.05.2017

A short vlog episode, I am taking you on a train ride from Yogyakarta until Surabaya. Wonderful landscapes and sceneries I could witness behind my window.

Prambanan temple & Yogyakarta

08 min 06 sec / Published on 31.03.2017

Visiting the magical Prambanan temple nearby Yogyakarta, on the Java island - Indonesia.

Amazing Borobudur temple

07 min 02 sec / Published on 05.03.2017


Failed attempt to visit Prambanan temple

10 min 37 sec / Published on 01.03.2017


Will I ever make it to Indonesia?

11 min 58 sec / Published on 25.02.2017


Stuck here for dubious reasons

11 min 05 sec / Published on 25.02.2017


Lost in translation

07 min 31 sec / Published on 23.02.2017


2017 plans did not include getting lost in a forest

04 min 10 sec / Published on 23.02.2017


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