In these difficult COVID-19 times, independant artists like me, are struggling.

Everything got cancelled (shows, tours, exhibitions, residencies, studio work...).
With no help from the institutions and no way to perform at public events, we won't last long...

If you like my creative work, please consider supporting me

In these difficult COVID-19 times, independant artists like me, are struggling.



As COVID-19 continues to spread, we realize that each week is wildly different from the last. It’s difficult to keep up with the changing protocols, cancelations, closures — and it’s even more difficult to wrap your head around how quickly the virus is spreading and what can be done —

Needless to say, live music is one of many industries financially suffering right now. Touring, a musicians greatest source of income, has been put on hold; festivals are being postponed or canceled entirely; and venues are closing indefinitely, resulting in a loss of work for live audio engineers, instrument technicians, lighting technicians, soundboard operators, tour managers, booking agents and agencies, venue employees, and so many more. This is all happening during peak touring season—spring and summer—and is financially hitting musicians particularly hard.

What I could continue doing only with your help

Every single one of my shows, tours, exhibitions, residencies, work got cancelled… Unfortunately, like a lot of independant innovative artists, I won’t get any support from any institution. But I still would like to continue creating. I will put all my energy in finding new ways to share those creations with you. It is time to be even more inventive! :-) By funding me, you would help me working on:

  • VIBROTANICA audiovisual immersive experience
  • HYBRIS improvisational classical live act
  • WATCHA STUDIOS media content
  • Production of shows (including online ones)
  • Music compositions
  • Creation of tailor-made music for your projects
  • Audio installations (innovative research on bio sounds of plants)
  • Podcasts creation
  • Online articles
  • Music playlists curation
  • and much more

Ways to fund me

Donate via PAYPAL: you can donate once or even a small amount (monthly). Any kind of help is welcome. As far as I know, Paypal takes 2.9% + $0.30 USD from the amount that you donate.

Leave me a TIPEEE: Get some rewards! Tipeee is a participative financing platform devoted to Internet content creators. As far as I know, tipeee takes 8% (service cost) + transactions fees from the amount that you donate.

n.b. all platforms take a commission, so if you would like to directly send me some money, ask me for my bank account details via the contact form on this website.

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How Fans Can Support Musicians

1. Buy records, merch, and attend virtual performances. Musicians and live performers generate most of their income by touring. If you bought tickets to a live performance that has been canceled, check with the artist to see if they’re doing any virtual performances. Consider offering the amount you would have paid for a live performance. Buy records, merch, and anything else the artist offers online.

2. Share the music you dig. Word of mouth goes a long way. Maybe some of your social media followers and/or friends haven’t yet heard of one of your favorite musician who had to cancel a tour recently. Share music on all social platforms—musicians really need the visibility right now, and we could all stand to discover some new music.
3. Donate. There are plenty of people who could use your monetary support, if you have the means. Throw a few extra bucks towards your favorite musicians who had to cancel tours. Keep an eye out on socials for ways to directly send money to musicians. Consider donating to the overwhelmed organizations and nonprofits that provide relief to musicians (below).