Created by students from Georgia State University and directed by Professor Philip Lewis. The story is about an American man who learns about himself from an unconventional Hungarian girl with an attitude. This is a sassy romantic comedy fraught with conversations about current events.


National Geographic photographer, Jeff Kovacs is assigned to photograph refugees in Budapest, with Petra Farkas as his guide.


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Project team

  • Nóra Botos - Cast (Petra Farkas)
  • Ansley Buben - Cast (Anne)
  • Weston Manders - Cast (Jeff Kovacs)
  • Rita Rucker - Cast (Miriam)
  • Philip Lewis - Written and directed by
  • Jérôme Li-Thiao-Té - Music
  • Erin Kasari - Producer
  • Philip Lewis - Executive producer
  • Philip Lewis - Film editor