Touch me not

Touch me not

Dance performance (original name: Nebáncsvirág)

“The choreography introduces four teenagers growing up, through their weekdays, with all its hopes and desires. The plot is in a nameless place with a special climate, it could be a greenhouse, we only know for sure that significant questions get their answers there, in this magical world, where the Fates (or often known as the Moirai) spin the thread of life. Touch me not is a jaunty dance performance with black humour and self-irony about our lives. It shows the life from starting it full of hope till the girls show up, because right after that everything that really matters, really significant, just turns out to be so banal and unimportant.” – Zoltán Grecsó, Choreographer


When & Where

  • at Akvárium Klub
    Performance - 08 September 2013 - Budapest
  • at Jurányi Produkciós Közösségi Inkubátorház
    Performance - 19 April 2012 - Budapest
  • at Eötvös Loránd University
    Performance - 06 October 2011 - Budapest
  • at the main square
    Performance - 30 September 2011 - Zagreb
  • at Millenaris (~400 people)
    Performance - 19 August 2011 - Budapest
  • at Ozora festival (~200 people)
    Performance - 09 August 2011 - Dádpuszta
  • at Akvárium Klub (~400 people)
    Performance - 19 July 2011 - Budapest