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creating original music specifically to accompany your project.


I work closely with the film director, sharing his/her vision and making sure to support the narrative he/she has in mind. I prefer to join any film project as early as possible in order to have the time for ideas to grow and design the music the best possible way. Of course, when it is not so possible, I jump in and can work from music tracks already used as references by the film director.

I am very fund of sound design, atmospheric abstract music and of course orchestral music (not suprising from a violinist) but I also like to create electro synth, urban, folk, rock and other styles of music.

The most important being that the music of your film supports your story!


Music definitely affects the way viewers perceive your brand by different means and on different levels, and “can significantly effect the emotional response to your trailer or spot (advertising, etc.).”

I write and produce music for trailers, commercials and spots (being on the radio, tv, cinema, internet, etc.) You can choose from my catalog of pre-existing music or I can of course create some new music for it.

Together we can refine the purpose of the needed music in order to complement, support and integrate the sales messaging of your mini-movie. Trailer & spot music can be different than film music: it has to go straight to the point, supporting the idea you want to share with your audience in this preview of your film, product, service, program, etc.


Most of the time, I accompany documentary directors through my catalog of pre-existing music in order to pick the best possible tracks supporting the narrative of their films.

There is no standard music for documentaries as you may guess. So, best to speak directly with me and of course, if needed I can arrange some of my already written music or create new tracks to fit what you have in mind.

I can create something very airy, giving space to the voice over etc. Or I can create a "beat" or even some electronic music.


I have a passion for site-specific 3D audio experiences allowing the audience to immerse themselves. It is definitely a WOW effect since I am using the architecture of the venue to compose music and produce a multi-dimensional audio mix to perform it. This requires a special set of equipment to play the music but don't worry: I can advise you on appropriate technical solutions.

It can be as interactive as you want. This new technology aspect of my artistic work allows me to design user experiences for different kind of brands and businesses.

Sky is the limit ! It is a great opportunity to design a tailor-made experience for your audience. It can be very playful and certainly memorable for everyone. I usually work with VJs and visual artists in order to improve the end user experience.


Being a violinist and spending so much time on stage, I naturally have a special connection with performing arts. I write for my own live shows but I also love to support other artists.

I write for your performing arts project: theater play, dance performance etc. Best case scenario, we start to work prior the creation of your show and I accompany throughout the creation process, refining the musical direction we agreed on.

If you are a musician, I can also write & produce some songs for you !


I like to join choreographers and film directors working on some movies dedicated to movements. Hit me up if you have any dance videos ideas.