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Get in touch

If your answer is ‘Yes’ to those below…

  • Are you looking for a French speaking male voice over expert ?
  • Are you looking for some music for your video games/apps/films/documentaries/tv shows ?
  • Are you looking for some music for your tv/radio advertising spots ?
  • Are you looking for some music for the new video games that you are creating ?
  • Are you a composer who would like to get some strings recording done?
  • Are you a musician touring and looking to collaborate ?
  • Are you a musician who would like to share with me some music ?
  • Are you a musician who needs a producer?

Management & Bookings

  • +33 6 98 84 55 71
  • contact@jeromelithiaote.com

Thanks for taking the time to contact me! I do my best to respond quickly, but due to the volume of mail I receive, it could take me up to 1-2 business days to get back to you.