In these difficult COVID-19 times, independant artists like me, are struggling.

Everything got cancelled (shows, tours, exhibitions, residencies, studio work...).
With no help from the institutions and no way to perform at public events, we won't last long...

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In these difficult COVID-19 times, independant artists like me, are struggling.


About me


Known as an artist as J3ZZ (experimental sound creations & performances) and founder of Watcha Studios (an audio video services company), I am a violinist, producer, composer, a coach for creative entrepreneurs in the music industry and a French male voice artist.

I enjoy working in an international and multicultural environment, always looking for exchanges and collaborations between different artists and societies. In 1999 I graduated from the conservatoire national de région de musique, danse et art dramatique de a Réunion and in 2006 I graduated with a master of sciences in information systems and software engineering from EPITA.

As composer producer for video game, film, tv, advertising, corporate content

I enjoy composing soundtracks for films/documentaries (for film directors Flora Chilton HUN, Declan Hannigan - IRL, Lorenzo Ciacciavicca - ITA), for corporations/institutions (Siemens, Caterpillar, Medicover, Roots & Routes) and dance shows (for choreographers Zoltán Grecsó - HUN, Noemi Kulcsar - HUN, ENKNAP - SLO, Timea Sebestyén - HUN). From classical to contemporary music, spoken word, rock, electronic music, hip hop, americana and pop music, I like to jump from one world to another and compose for other artists.

As session violinist & live performer

I am recording as violinist for other artists (Indigo Theory) and commercials (Abott) and on stage (Azalai, Iparkutya, J3ZZ, Jamie Winchester).

As a consultant for creative entrepreneurs in the music industry

As a culture and arts worker, I was involved with european network ROOTS & ROUTES (2010-2015: artist and coach ; 2011-2012: artists’ community representative and board member ; 2013-2015: secretary general). I am supporting entrepreneurship, creative industry, youth mobility and intercultural dialogue being a member of several european associations / networks and active at an international level.

As a French male voice artist

I am ready to be the voice over of your trailer, corporate video, documentary, etc.