In these difficult COVID-19 times, independant artists like me, are struggling.

Everything got cancelled (shows, tours, exhibitions, residencies, studio work...).
With no help from the institutions and no way to perform at public events, we won't last long...

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In these difficult COVID-19 times, independant artists like me, are struggling.


Questions & Answsers


  1. Are you available for full-time work?

    Yes and No. It depends on how busy I am. Also I always keep some spare time for other projects to keep my mind fresh. It does not mean that we cannot work together for months/years.

  2. Are you registered with copyrights collecting societies?

    Yes indeed. SPEDIDAM, ADAMI, SPPF, SACEM, SACD. My client is responsible for declaring any kind of use of the music I write/produce in every country relevant to the project.

  3. Do you accept cash payment?

    No. Only wire transfer.

  4. Which currency do you use for invoincing?


  5. Do you charge VAT and other taxes?

    I follow the French law under the Artiste-Auteur status.

    As a French client, you should follow the rules as Diffuseur.

  6. Do you provide a contract?

    Of course yes. I only work with contracts / quotations / copyright notices. Also I will only sign a single contract/quotation for a single job. Simple: 1 job = 1 contract/quotation.

  7. Do you require the payment of a first installment as we start a project?

    Yes! It's a usual practice to commit everyone in the projet.

  8. Do you work alone or do you have a team?

    I work alone but anytime it is needed I recommend other highly talented and reliable lonesome cowboys.

  9. Does it mean that you only work with copyrighted music?

    Of course no. I am open to copyleft and/or common creative etc. alternatives but it depends on your project. Let's talk about it.

  10. Does it work if I am not a French client?

    Of course, it is not a problem. I will invoice (via a document called "copyright notice") a total amount and handle the French administrative requirements myself.

  11. Is the fee I am paying for the film music covering all uses ? like in a trailer or advertising etc.

    Every use and corresponding fee is to be agreed in the contract. Generally, using the music for advertising requires a different fee than the one for your film or main use.

  12. What is a "copyright notice"?

    It acts the same as an invoice. In a few words, it is an invoice from a creator, because it covers copyrights matters too.

  13. Where are you located?

    I am based in France but I travel a lot.

  14. Which language do you use in your official documents?

    The quotes and invoices are in French and English but if you need, i can handle with my lawyer a certified translation of the original text and make an official document with your language and French. Beware that this is additional cost for you.

  15. Which laws do your official documents refer to?

    French laws only.

  16. Would you relocate?

    No, I work remotely. However I like to travel to meet my client time to time, or when I feel my presence is required. Most importantly, I am where I need to record, produce the needed sounds.


  1. Can you make it in time?

    Yes but according to a calendar that we agree upon.
    This means we have several phases: design, production, tests, post production...

  2. Can you send me some versions of the work?

    I can maximum 2 versions (not mixed, not mastered) of the work with my watermark.
    Once the work with watermark is approved, all the paperwork handled and when all installment payments are received, I will send the end result (mixed, mastered) accordingly to our agreement.
  3. How do you deliver the end-result?

    I send you over the high quality digital files via an online transfer platform once every payment and papers are handled. Meaning I don't ensure files storage, it's my client's responsibility.

  4. How much do you charge?

    For short projects, I issue quotes. Otherwise, it all depends on the tasks and responsibilities. We have to talk anyway.

Pre-exisiting music inquiries

  1. Can I use one of your track for my project?

    Of course, I would be glad to help musically but in order to make it happen, here is a short list of what I need to know from you:

    1.     the official title of your project
    2.     the producer(s)'s name(s) and contacts (email(s), phone nr(s))
    3.     the production company's details (name, registration nr, tax nr, address, phone nr, email)
    4.     the film maker's name and contacts (email, phone, address)?
    5.     the cuesheet of your project (with all timecodes and use of the whole music i.e. my music but also every music used in the film).
    6.     what is the plan for the short film? First exploitation (online, screened, aired, etc.) and the following plans? Where? When?
    7.     the exact mention of my name, role and track in your project
    8.     if you have a budget for the above request, try me and we will see if it is matching my fee

    Then I will make a quotation/invoice in French (with an English translation if needed). And once everything is clear and we are done with the papers, we will be good to go and I will send you over the track! You will send me the end result of your project including my track.


  1. What do you offer as a consultant?

    • I will be your music supervisor
    • Expert strategic, business and revenue management advice
    • A personalised, strategic, developmental action plan
    • By-the-hour assistance to help you achieve your outcomes
    • An agenda-free, independent perspective on your goals
    • Appointments that best suit your busy schedule
  2. How do you proceed?

    Phone or Skype call. Depending on the topic, I can make research and experiment and provide information reports. Larger prototype may fall under "music commission" or "design".