I AM ...

Jérôme Li-Thiao-Té

a composer for video game, film, tv, advertising & show

the founding member of J3ZZ (experimental sound creations & performances) and Watcha Studios (an audio video services company). I am a violinist, producer, composer and coaches interdisciplinary improvisation. I enjoy working in an international and multicultural environment, always looking for exchanges and collaborations between different artists and societies. In 1999 I graduated from the conservatoire national de région de musique, danse et art dramatique de a Réunion and in 2006 I graduated with a master of sciences in information systems and software engineering from EPITA.

a sound artist & music producer

Born in Reunion Island, I am traveling the world with my violin. From the Mascarenes islands in Indian ocean to Paris, Warsaw, Prague and more (Asia, USA and Africa), I happily joined many bands as improviser, nourishing my joy to meet people and share as much as possible. Festival au desert 2011 and 2013, in Florence with the Tartit and the Tadalat as violinist but also artistic director of talking heArts and Hybris, two experimental formations focusing on interdisciplinary improvisation.

a session violinist & live performer

When not on stage, I enjoy composing soundtracks for films/documentaries and dance shows (working with Zoltan Grecso - Willany Leo, Noemi Kulcsar - Tellabor or ENKNAP). Last but not least, I am a voice artist and singer songwriter. From classical to contemporary music, spoken word, barn rock, bluegrass and pop music, I like to jump from one world to another.

a French male voice artist

As a culture and arts worker, I was involved with european network ROOTS & ROUTES (2010-2015: artist and coach ; 2011-2012: artists’ community representative and board member ; 2013-2015: secretary general). I am supporting entrepreneurship, creative industry, youth mobility and intercultural dialogue being a member of several european associations / networks and active at an international level.

an inter­dis­ci­pli­nary impro­vi­sa­tion coach