In these difficult COVID-19 times, independant artists like me, are struggling.

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In these difficult COVID-19 times, independant artists like me, are struggling.


To be told

Published on February 13, 2016

In 2012, Lorenzo Ciacciavicca asked me to compose and produce the soundtrack of his documentary "To be told", covering a European residency that I attended as artist.

Residency & documentary short film

A film to be told

March 16-24, 2012 / Florence, Exfila connessioni metropolitane

“To be told” is a project conceived as an exercise in observation and analysis of the plurality that characterizes the European Union. It is an intellectual and creative exercise dedicated to the comprehension of the relationships between hegemonic and minority cultures: these relationships, always involving terms like exchange and negotiation, find in the permeability the tools for the cultural transformations, their only natural chance for preservation. In a Grundtvig Workshop held in Florence in March 2012, twenty citizens expressing minority groups within the EU, or witnessing stories and assets at risk of disappearance, narrate and share their stories and translate them into creative expressions.

Film team: - Film by Lorenzo Ciacciavicca - Music composed and performed by Jérôme Li-Thiao-Té - Audio mixing by Rafael Ugarteche - Project by Pietro Gaglianò

Project team: - A project conceived and coordinated by Pietro Gaglianò organisation and management Marina Bistolfi

by and with - Marina Arienzale (IT) - Pamela Barberi (IT) - Simon Bradley (UK) - Sarah Bulang (PL/DE) - Eleftherios Galanis (GR) - Greta Grendaite (LT) - Katalin Heiszer (HU) - Iveta Kudrjavceva (LV) - Jérôme Li-Thiao-Té (HU/RE) - Tonka Malekovic (HR) - Lucie Micikova (CS) - Mihaela Mihai (RO) - Süleyman Özar (TR) - Evangelia Papaloi (GR) - Olga Pavlenko - (IT/UA) - Kalin Serapionov (BG) - Ieva Studente (LV) - Mine Tapinç (TR) - Guy Woueté (BE/CM) - Virginia Zanetti (IT)

Coaches - Emanuela Baldi Caterina Poggesi

Technical support - Vanni Bartolini

Assistant - Francesca Biagini


From : 2012

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