In these difficult COVID-19 times, independant artists like me, are struggling.

Everything got cancelled (shows, tours, exhibitions, residencies, studio work...).
With no help from the institutions and no way to perform at public events, we won't last long...

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In these difficult COVID-19 times, independant artists like me, are struggling.


Unbalanced Forces

Published on February 13, 2016

Aren’t we making the transition from former to new times, the scapegoat for our lack of intervention and responsible actions? Through this interactive audio spatial installation, I offer a reflection on a contemporary “photography” of the present Hungarian society. (2016)

A performative sound installation

UNBALANCED FORCES is a performative sound installation, an interactive experiment willing to present the space and the system we are in. It allows the audience to navigate a multichannel soundscape/sound space and reflect ont he system they live in. Participants cam observe the forms and impacts of their actions by the metaphor to their implication into the system surrounding them. They are the ones controlling the exhibition’s living space by the use of their sounds and movements.

The space itself echoed the reminiscences of its visits. As visitors, we can consider our options: Raise our voice or remain silent? Can we change the way we live together? Are we the ones deciding our destiny? Would you dare to say something or would you rely on others to speak?

For a glimpse into the installation you can find below a part of the broadcast,​ or listen to an introduction. Photos has been taken at the exhibition’s Budapest event at Labor Gallery, February 13 2016.

Binaural POV recording of Unbalaned Forces sound installation (Use headphones)

Interview at Lábor gallery, February 13th 2016.



(Jessica Simet, dancer)



Lábor gallery

Hungary, Budapest

The event starts at : February 13 2016 19:00.
And lasts until 20:00.

The ticket fee is : 2000 ft